MuseHub installs but not MuseScore

• Feb 9, 2023 - 15:02

On 64-bit Windows 10, updates current as of 2023-02-09, the installer installs MuseHub and the MuseHub window appears, but nothing happens after that—I get no notifications of any kind, and there is no evidence that MuseScore itself was installed. If I install MuseScore without MuseHub, will it connect properly to MuseHub? Is there anything additional I have to do to let MuseScore know that MuseHub is present, or will the program find the Hub automatically?


You say the Muse Hub window appears, but - are you then actually clicking the icon to install MuseScore from there? if you mean, the window disappeared before you had a chance to, simply reopen it from your system tray.

Installing MuseScore without Muse Hub works too; MsueScore doesn't rely on Muse Hub in any way. But, you'll certainly want to use the Muse Hub to install Muse Sounds.

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Apologies if I missed a button on the MuseHub window that must be clicked to install MuseScore. The way my system is physically set up, and since the MuseHub "window" can't be moved, I could only see the left edge. I figured the MuseScore installation would automatically proceed—after all, the download is titled MuseScore—and was expecting to see the standard "give approval" box in the center of the screen (which I can see, albeit with some effort).

I've since uninstalled MuseHub and successfully installed MuseScore only. Given the fixed location of its window I won't be able to use MuseHub anyway, at least not until I figure out a different way to handle the monitor setup here. (I did mention over on the MuseHub forum that the current fixed "flyout" for MuseHub is uncongenial for anyone who needs or wants to display it on a second monitor, or for that matter on the left rather than the right.)

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