Grand Piano soundfont from Muse Keys package crackling issue

• Feb 8, 2023 - 22:56

Hello folks, I added the new "Muse Keys" package and it sounds awesome!

But my favourite soundfont, the "Grand Piano" has some background crackling for me.
At least the notes D5, Eb4, Eb3, and D3 in the Muse Key Grand Piano play with a "popping/crackling" distortion.

I don't really think it's a computer/driver issue since the "MS Basic" and all the other soundfonts from the package sound crystal clear with no issues at all.

It only appears on specific notes and it happens the entire time, even if I just click on them, so it's not restricted to playback.
I attached a video to demonstrate it.…

It's a pity since it's the best piano soundfont imho.

I also tried all the stuff on the forums, like upping puffer size, reinstalling my sound drivers, playing around with exclusive mode and kHz in windows settings, nothing worked.

Someone got any idea? Does the soundfond work for you?

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