MIDI playback / input supposed to work with Musescore 4.0.1?

• Feb 8, 2023 - 15:07

I have Musescore 4.0.1 on Windows and Linux, connected to my Kawai MP11 SE directly via USB and using a USB to MIDI-in/out converter cable.
With Musescore 4.0.1, while the USB Midi connection shows up in the preferences IO section, playing a piece via MIDI on the attached piano does not work, neither does inputting notes from the piano.

With Musescore 3 I was able to play a piece on the piano vie MIDI, with both connection methods.

I have not found any information on this and so far got no feedback either to inquiries about this.

Is this supposed to work? If yes, how does one configure on which channels notes get received/sent?


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Thanks, yes. This does not work for me but my main interest is in how to play on an attached MIDI device anyways and I could not find anything, nor get feedback on that at all.
As I said, playing a piece works with Musescore 3 but not at all version 4 even though the USB MIDI device shows up and is selected in the preferences I/O section.

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MIDI playback in MS4 is broken IMHO, and I'm pretty disappointed and annoyed about it, because from what I've been reading there's no intention to go back to how it used to be.

All output for all instruments gets dumped out on channel 1. In MS3, I used to be able to assign the percussion lines of a score to a channel of my choice (such as 9), get my drum machine to listen on channel 9, and all would be well. Now, I with all the notation is being dumped out on channel 1 (even if you mute the instruments in the mixer!), I have the displeasure of hearing my drum machine try to render piano parts, bass parts, etc, in addition the percussion that I'd written. This makes MS4 pretty much useless for MIDI playback. The only option is to export the parts you want to play in MIDI as a MIDI file, and sort it out in another piece of software. My advice is to stick to MS3 (oh, and if you've overwitten your files so they're now in MS4 format... umm... well... yeah... join my circle of unhappiness).

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This still the case ?. How do most people then use the software ?.

I thought I must have a setting wrong I MuseScore4 as I can happily play external midi and record external midi through MixPad software. I can get MS4 to record notes via external midi (through cheap usb->midi) but not play back - it does this as a synthesised (in my case trumpet) part on the Win11 laptop speakers.

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