corrupted file

• Feb 7, 2023 - 21:35

I have worked on the file for a week, frequently saving and also printing it. But now the error message says the files is corrupted and will not open.

What happened and what do I do now?

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Stravinsky Firebird.mscz 50.26 KB


I am not sure how you got into this situation. But I can tell you this much:

  1. The file is quite small, so it seems unlikely that it contains a huge amount of information.
  2. The file is binary, but it identifies the content (in plain text) as a PDF export:
    /Author (garry)
    /CreationDate (D:20230207140043-07'00')
    /ModDate (D:20230207140043-07'00')
    /Producer (Microsoft: Print To PDF)
    /Title (Untitled score)
  3. So I renamed the file from *.mscz to *.pdf, and recovered the Harp part (extract below):

See attached PDF file for the complete file.

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Stravinsky Firebird.pdf 50.26 KB

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