It's the only measure on the line, but I don't want it to fill the line

• Feb 7, 2023 - 20:36

I have a second ending that is one measure. At the end of this measure I have a manual line break to go to the next section of the song. This one measure is on a line by itself but is stretched to fill the line. It has chords but no notes (only a whole rest). I would like to shrink it to match the width of the measures in the previous line. Layout stretch has no effect. Is there some way to shrink a message and leave the rest of the line blank?

Even better would be if I could fit it at the end of the previous line, but I can only change spacing in one measure at a time, and each time I do it readjusts the other measures on that line, so it keeps the line full with no room to bring in the 2nd ending.

See 5th line on 1st page.

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