Dedicated function for correct layout and playback of ties into 2nd, 3rd etc. time endings

• Feb 7, 2023 - 15:44

Further to discussion in :

Please could we have a professionally-implemented function for the handling of ties into 2nd, 3rd etc. time endings.

This is a basic, fundamental and essential facet of any score writing.

Relying on the 6 or so 'workarounds' suggested in earlier discussion is an insult to the fantastic software that Musescore is, together with the massive efforts that have been put into it so far. As I stated in the other thread, this is a fundamental and essential feature that I would have expected it to have been included as early as Version 1.00.

Regardless of the outcome of this request, my sincerest thanks to the whole team, programmers et al, behind Musescore - a truly amazing job.

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