MuseScore 4 crashes when opening a file that I was originally working on (saved, then reopened musescore)

• Feb 7, 2023 - 05:50

I have been working multiple days on this arrangement. At one point, MuseScore became laggy, so I saved, closed, and reopened. Now, whenever I try to open the file, MuseScore 4 crashes – I think the file got corrupted somehow. I would GREATLY appreciate it very very much if this file can be saved/recovered...I attached it below. Thanks so much. I have been working from my Macbook Air, if that helps at all.

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Through a series of fumbling steps that I'm not sure I can repeat, I was able to create this file that at least will open in MS4. Good luck.
I extracted your file and got a version that after several tries, opened in MS3. Did a Save As and the result is the attached file.

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A_Million_Dreams_-t.mscz 29.53 KB

This just happened to me!! I am desperate, I should deliver this arrangement today for a paid job and Musescore simply sent my file to space. I can't believe it, I never should have downloaded this crappy version.

Could someone try to open it please? It would mean a lot!

I am even posting the autosave that won't open too.

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