Lines Overlap with Notes by Default. How Do I Fix It?

• Feb 7, 2023 - 04:21

As represented by the image below, I see that in Musescore 4 that the lines in my score are defaulting to overlapping with the notes and beams. This was not the case in Musescore 3.

The 8va, 8vb and pedal markings are overlapping with notes when it clearly should not be, and is making the reading of the lower and upper lines challenging.

All playback is normal, everything sounds as it should. This is purely a visual error. I have attached a screenshot and the full score below. Thank you for any help on how to fix this.


They don't in Page View though
And in that respect behave the same as in Mu3, so this at least isn't a regression, but more a shortcomming of continuous view

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