Crashing upon certain beat in a measure

• Feb 7, 2023 - 02:23

it seems to be measure 21 beat 2 when the score crashes and closes for no apperent reason, i've tried everything i even copied instrument by instrument into a new score (the one attached) from the original one and it keeps crashing on that specific spot, it crashes with playback and if i interact with any note (vibraslap) in that beat, i really need this fixed soon as my school's band is performing my piece in some months and i need to add the finishing touches.

file: May's castle.mscz

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Do you know how to fix it?
Stop fighting the bugs in MS4? :-)

This is what I did:
1. Open the score in MS 4.0.1
2. Export the score as uncompressed MusicXML (.musicxml)
3. Open the MusicXML file in MS 3.6.2
4. Play the score from beginning to end, with no crashes

[EDIT] I noticed that your score was in Continuous View, and I wonder whether setting it back to the default Page View might fix the problem in MS4. Worth trying.

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