LANDSCAPE not working in MS4

• Feb 6, 2023 - 21:43

When I do "Format -> Page settings..." and click on the Inch(in) button, and click on the Landscape button, and verify my width value is 11.00in and my height value is 8.50in, and then go to export to a PDF, the PDF that I get is in portrait, not landscape.

Argh. Is this a bug.

When I do "File -> Print" and select printer "Microsoft Print to PDF", I do get the landscape that I expect.


Here is what I observe.

I create a new score, add one instrument (piano), but add no "parts".

I notate my piano song, and then "Format --> Page settings" and change Portrait to Landscape.

I do "Publish --> Export" and it asks, "Select parts to export" and gives me two choices, "Main score" and "Piano". Hmm. I don't know what "Main score" is; after all, all I have added was one instrument, piano, but no "parts".

So I uncheck the "Main score" and check "Piano", and continue to generate my PDF.

It is at this point that I observe my PDF is in Portrait, not Landscape.

In reply to by Gene Gaunt

It is my understanding that in MS4 there is no "generation of parts". There is automatically one part for each instrument in the main score. The only thing you can do is decide which parts you want to see. You can also define other parts where you can combine speicific instruments etc.

This is of course slightly confusing when you have a main score containing just one instrument, like in your case. You should have picked the "main score" since that is what your have worked on. The "piano" part will have the same music content, but separate formatting, probably including the portrait/landscape setting.

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