MS4 has just crashed

• Feb 5, 2023 - 16:28

MS 4 has just crashed completely! I was working quite happily on a score when MS4 just crashed. No score that I have previously completed with MS4 will load. The mixer panel loads OK but the score does not appear. I have tried uninstalling MS4 and re-installing it, to no avail.
I am working with a new computer so don't think it is that that is the problem. I have Windows 22H2.
Any suggestions???


... a further comment... having not loaded I cannot now unload it either. The icon appears on the taskbar but I can't get it to unload, no matter what I do.
Curious and curiouser....

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Thanks for your response.
Since I posted the query I have been experienting, and it seems that it is a problem with a specific score - it crashes every time at the same place. Interesting though, because it was a score that I have previously run in MS 3 with no issues whatsoever. However, other scores seem to behave themselves when I load them into MS4. I am experimenting doing conversions from MS3, but I am not totally convinced yet that I want to swap completely to MS4.

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That sounded like a good idea. I have just tried doing this and would you believe that the score loaded perfectly into MS3.

Ah well... It looks like just another of life's little mysteries, but thank you for the suggestion.

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