Rest bug in Musescore 4...

• Feb 5, 2023 - 07:37


There seems to be a bug in Musescore 4 regarding rests which makes them much more harder to put in when entering Rhythm mode.

In musescore 3 when you entered a rest say you had something like "Crochet" "Crochet" "Semi Crochet Rest" "Semi Crochet" which quite often happens you could enter


the first two 5s would put a crotchet in, the 0 would make the next note a rest and then the 4 would put a semi-crochet rest followed by the next 0 which would turn off rest mode and then 4 to put the final crotchet in.

In musescore 4 however to put the same thing in you have to do the following

5-5-4-"LEFT ARROW KEY"-0-4

Because the minute you press 0 it automatically adds a rest of the currently selected length (in this case a crotchet) so you then have to enter a note first then go back one to change it to the correct length. But there are quite a few times when you don't want a note you want a rest.

I've attached a picture of two sequences that are problematic to enter...

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Well, not quite You need N to enter note entry and A-G for a note


and can even shorten that to


To get a quarter A, a quarter rest, an 8th rest and an 8th A

And that is the same in Mu3 and Mu4

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