MuseScore 4 choir sound slow attack is a big problem using MuseScore as a choir training tool

• Feb 4, 2023 - 16:16

The new MuseScore 4 MuseSound Choir sounds have a extremely slow attack -- making them unusable for a lot or choir training purposes. --- at least if the score has 16th notes. For Choir music that has runs that are fast the slow attack makes playback pretty unrealistic. Yes, choir music can have 16th notes -- It's not an exception to the rule.

I'm doing MuseScore files for rehearsal purposes for a Finnish amateur male choir to be used for training purposes, and the current Muse Sound Choir sounds are completely unusable for rehearsal purposes because the slow attacks make faster runs completely unhelphful. In MuseScore 3 the standard font was OK, personally I used the KBH-real-choir soundfont, and especially the Irina Brochin sounded really great (even for male bass sounds!!!). T

he current MuseScore 4 implementation with it's playback problems (e.g. scoops additional playback problems), hence I've been recommending in the Finnish choir scenee that we keep to using MuseScore 3, because the playback actually works.

{Before MuseScore. my choir, was using Sibelius, especially the Scorch plugin, but after Avid effectively discontinued it. (yes, the iPad plugin still works great, but the desktop plugins are now dead) . We've been converting to MuseScore; It's sad to see the current version of MuseScore being completely unusable. Funilly enough, Sibelius still works OK for iPad users. However, for our desktop and Andoird users MuseScore has been an extremely important training resource. I am sad to see that the latest MuseScore has made choit voice training almost impossible. I do hope that the MuseScore 3 version keeps being available for our now choir members for years to come -- because it actually works for our needs.


I use the Fantasia sound in Mu3 for our choir training purposes. It offers a precise attack like the piano but also a holding of the notes according to their length.

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