Repeated measure count - How?

• Feb 3, 2023 - 13:20

I have a run of repeated measures that repeat, lets say 20 times. I don't want a repeat of 20 measures, I want the numbers from (1), 2 through 20 to be displayed as there may be dynamics or other pauses. Is this automation possible in MuseScore? How is this not a simple question to find the answer to? And no, I don't want to manually put numbers on measures. (sorry, frustrating that I am probably asking for something that has obscure wording other than measure count)


Is this useful to add the measure numbers through this menu command:
Format > Style > Measure Numbers > tick Measure Numbers > choose Interval = 1

And if you need to restart the measure numbering at 1, drop a Section Break in the last measure of the earlier section.

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