"Publish" feature - using Musescore app - keeps overwriting the same file

• Feb 2, 2023 - 21:54

I'm the one who had massive trouble losing my work yesterday. I think this must be somehow related.

i've now totally recreated my work and finished 2 full scores.

The scores are totally unique - with different file names - but every time I try to publish one, it overwrites the other. For example, the first score is named "A." I go through the publish process, and it published. Then I close that file, open the other file named "B" and go through the publish process again.

No matter how many times I try it, "B" then overwrites "A" The link that I had formerly used to access the A score now points to the newly published "B" file, and the "A" file is totally gone from my scores.

Can anyone please explain this totally mystifying process.


It sounds to me as if both scores have the same URL in File > Project properties > Source. That would certainly cause the overwriting of one score by the other.

The solution: delete the URL from the Source field on one of the scores, then Publish it. That will create a new online score with a different URL in the Source field.

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Thank you both. I have literally always - for 10 years - created a new file by starting with an existing arrangement and then hitting "file - save as" something else. I had no idea about the "source code" problem.

I wonder if this is why I couldn't find autosave files for dozens of my scores anywhere. I had a major issue with a crash resulting in lost work (even though I had hit the save button over 30 times). Is there only one autosave file per source code?

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