Bugs and title mix ups

• Feb 2, 2023 - 21:40

Oftentimes when I try to save my scores to the website, the titles get mixed up with other scores so that the titles are saved to the wrong scores and it's sometimes impossible to find the score I'm looking for; please fix this. Thank you.


I just posted about this - it must be the same problem. No matter how many times I try, I can't upload a second score. It just overwrites the first file and takes the new name, but keeps the link for the former file!

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Wow. Thank you - it is the same. Why would that be, if they are in fact two totally separate files?

I have always created a new score by starting with an existing version and doing a "save as" with a new name and then editing from there. That's also how I create new files for Word, Excel, ppt... it means I don't have to start from scratch and set up a new file format every time, if I want the same instruments and layout etc. It's never caused a problem before. But I've never used the "publish" option within the Musescore app itself before.

What do I do now... should I just enter a different "source" code in that field?

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I don't know about the checkbox - but I was finally able to upload the 2nd score by bypassing the musescore app entirely and just uploading it via the website.

Marc told me last night that I should always use the publish option through the Musescore app... with this error I guess I will continue doing it the old way.

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If you change the behaviour of "Save-As" then please provide an option setting to keep the current method. I don't expect an app to change things in a file, (behind my back!), just because I want another version with a new name. "Save-as" is really just an in-app alternative to an OS level file copy. Perhaps a tickbox could be added to "Save-as" to allow the choice to be made by the user: at least this would be transparent.

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