The piano keyboard in Musescore 4 does not show the notes that are being played

• Feb 2, 2023 - 21:17

The piano keyboard in Musescore 4 does not show the notes that are being played, this used to be valuable for me when decoding difficult scores.

Is this being fixed?


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I am just curious how this can happen? I am not trying to be obnoxious, but am generally curious. Was any code transferred over from Musescore 3, or was the entire program rewritten from scratch?
It appears to me that ANY bug can pop up at any time, even if it has already been fixed?

I get the feeling Musescore 3 was turning into "spaghetti code" because of all the random fixes, and someone tried to organize it all by rewriting or blocking it off into sections, but this leads to an entirely new host of problems.

I see a lot of support being asked for issues that were already fixed in Musescore 3.

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I think that it just isn't an added feature. Remember that MuseScore 4 is still in its beta or even alpha stages. It has many things subject to change at the moment, and a LOT of features to port from MS 3.

Edit: Also, I doubt much code would have been able to be used directly from MS 3, as the 2 programs are very different, and directly copying code from MS 3 to MS 4 would probably not have been easy. From what I know, the devs are doing their best to port the code from one to the other. I have made a decision not to use MS 4 until at least version 4.0.5, because by then I expect most of the kinks and bugs to be worked out, along with a big chunk of the code to be ported. The program should be pretty well polished by v4.1 I think.

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