Question about version 3 or 4

• Feb 2, 2023 - 09:03

Hello everybody.
I have a question. I just learned pretty well version 3 . Happy! Had to reinstall the computer. Not happy. Some files on the desktop demands 4. I downloaded 4 but would be very grateful if someone could briefly tell if basics tools and so on are very different? Or is it a lot of details to get stuck in? I know there are fancy stuff with playback and these thing but I am only interested in the basics.
Superthanks if someone know..


I think it is still very early in the life of MS 4. See the published list of MuseScore 3 features not implemented in MuseScore 4:

My personal view is that MS 3.6.2 is more useful to me at present, but I will switch to MS4 in due course. I continue to upgrade MS4 with each minor release, to check which missing features are added.

To understand what you're saying better, what was reinstalled on the computer? Where did the files on the desktop come from? What are they? What exactly is the (message) demanding 4?

You will likely find out there are folk here on the Forum that are "strong promoters" of MS4. That is understandable because of the improved sound of instruments. I suggest you remain with what works for you and watch as MS4 refines & improves.

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