• Feb 2, 2023 - 07:46

I added two images which are small. It is difficult to grab them on the second page and move around. The song list is easy. I imagine it's to do with them being added on the first page and moved to second page. I just click into the title frame and copy it there. Then I move it around to where I want it to image. But second page dislikes this

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The MuseScore Handbook gives useful advice:

See in particular this paragraph where it suggests using a frame as the container for the image:
Add image
Use one of the following options:

Drag-and-drop an image file (from outside MuseScore) either into a vertical or horizontal frame, or onto a measure, note or rest in the score.
Right-click on a frame, select Add→Picture, then pick an image from the file selector.

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REply to this problem. I had put them into the title frame. What I had to do was go to format/page settings/ scaling and reduce it until it cramped down to the first page. I then moved them to first page into the frame. Lesson is: If I want soemthing to show on other pages, I have to make a frame or on a bar line on the next page, and not link on the page previous. Geez, glad I didn't ruin what I had.

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