Only one file at a time?

• Feb 2, 2023 - 00:04

It's a bit unusual that when I select close from the file menu the whole MuseScore4 application closes.
To avoid this I opened the next file I wanted to work on before closing the file I had just finished with. It seemed that a 2nd copy of MuseScore4 started up.


New discovery. After I'd had two files open at the same time, then closed one then the other the whole MuseScore4 application did not close but went to the new and recent scores window as one would expect. Now when I open only one file then close it MuseScore4 does not close as I reported above. I seems as though opening two files has triggered something to cure it.
I still get "MuseScore loading" for a few seconds when I open a 2nd file.

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