Timing problem between Muse Strings and MSBasic

• Feb 1, 2023 - 14:48

This may have been reported but there seems to be a synchronization problem between Muse Strings and MSBasic strings like Contrabass. In this case the MSBasic instrument is late, sometimes close to half beat and it destroys the music. I am not sure which part (MS or library) is responsible or which is late or the other early.

It can be heard both during play and exporting to mp3 so it is not a time issue of CPU or other like that. There is also some repeating crackling noise with CB long notes and at the end of these CB is clearly late. But it seems to correct itself to some extent at bar lines. Seems to be more severe on mp3 than during play. Because of other problems with long scores (to be solved soon I hope) I do not add an example score.

It could also be solved by adding solo CB to the library.


This problem exist still in MS 4.1.1. It can not be heard so much playing the score but in mp3 it is disturbing. I attach the revised score for this version and a link to audio.com file. It can be heard throughout the score but is most evident starting at bar 917 or 28:40 in the audio.
I would hope some advice how to go around this or some info if this is among this years schedule to be fixed.

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