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• Feb 1, 2023 - 00:08

Hi, How to I create the copyright symbol (the c in the circle) in MuseScore?


How to enter a copyright symbol

You can make a © symbol using keystrokes on various operating systems:

      Windows: Alt + 0 1 6 9    (numbers entered on NumPad)

     MacOS: Option + g

     Linux: Compose O C

     Linux (Ubuntu) Shift + Alt Gr + c

    ChromeOS: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + u , a 9 , then ↵ Enter or Space

Comprehensive Keystroke guides ... including chars like: : ♯ ♭ ♮𝄪 𝄫

Apple's official guide of keyboard shortcuts for MacOS on U.S. Keyboard

Apple's Emoji & Symbols panel / Apple's Character Viewer

      Edit > Emoji & Symbols

               Search with "music" to get a list including:  ♯ ♭ ♮𝄪 𝄫 and some music emojis like ♩♫ ♬ 🎹 🎼
               You can save them to you Favorites area in the Emoji & Symbols window.
               And you can copy/paste the symbols from two lines up.

Window's Character Map

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Indeed! In Linux the Compose key can be difficult to find. On the Sun Workstations I used 30 years ago, there was a specific "compose" key. Now you will have to assign one of the other keys to become the compose key. Here are instructions for Ubuntu. It should work similarly for other Linux variants I guess.

My way of handling this is to do a web search for "copyright symbol" and then copy/paste from the result.

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