Voice 2 rest overflow // How to create a center aligned full measure rest in voice 2, 3, or 4?

• Jan 30, 2023 - 20:16

Observed in MuseScore 4.01:

• Put a quarter note in voice 1 and voice 2 of Measure 1
• Select the note in voice 2
• Increase its duration to any value <= a whole note.

Result: MuseScore adds a needless "whole measure rest" in voice 2 of the next measure.

Note: This is a long standing behavior inherited from MusseScore 3.

Please see attached score.



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Great to know that there's a way to show a full measure rest per voice, when desired.

I wrote in error: Unfortunately I can't find a keyboard combination that works on MacOS.

Update: I had errantly tried to delete a note with Command-Shift-delete, but now realize that the conversion function applies either to whole note rests or to the first rest in the measure. (The latter option was undocumented so I made an entry.)

But would there be any harm in allowing the conversion when the user has the first note of a measure selected? One less step!

Any thoughts on the behavior described in the opening post?


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I also see the behavior from your OP. I'm not sure it is a problem. A little odd, maybe. You can still add notes. It would be a problem if notes in the next measure were disturbed. But they are not. This seem pretty far down the list of problems that need attention.

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