Next chord key? And next tie note key?

• Jan 30, 2023 - 18:23

In Musescore 4 the tie key is now T. But in MS3 I could push + and a new note would be generated automatically tied to my current note. When I push T in MS4 this doesn't happen. I have to make the new note, then exit note entry, go back, then push T to link the two notes. How do I do this faster please?

In MS3 I used to push ctrl-K, enter a chord, and push Tab to move to the next beat to enter a chord. Pushing tab no longer works in MS4. What is the key to push please?


T in MU4 works exactly the same as + did in MU3 - it adds a note and ties it if you are in note input mode. Otherwise it just adds a tie to the next existing note of the same pitch. If you are seeing that not work,. it could be your shortcuts definitions have become corrupt, or maybe you have old files leftover from an experimental pre-release build? Try Help / Revert to factory settings.

Since Tab is the standard accessibility shortcut for navigating the user interface, the next measure command in chord symbol mode was changed to Ctrl+Right. This also makes it consistent with the next measure command in normal and note input modes.

In case you're wondering, there is one other semi-common shortcut that changed, and that is F2 for the Special Characters dialog while editing text. Now, it's Shift+F2, because F2 is the standard shortcut for edit mode across multiple applications.

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