Front Cover Matter

• Jan 30, 2023 - 16:28

So I am finishing off a composition and I am trying to include a title page with program and performance notes with an instrumentation list and in general am not sure how to add text in a way I can move it about and centre it properly on a title page? Would anyone have any good general advice, such as if a vertical/horizontal frame is best or is there perhaps a tutorial on doing this I may be able to see somewhere. Anything is greatly appreciated thank you!


I suggest creating the title page etc. in another application that is better suited to handling text - e.g. Word. Then export that to pdf. Also export your score to pdf and then combine to the two using a pdf merging program. I use pdfbinder which is free but others are available. You can adjust the page numbering of the score to accommodate the front matter in Format>Page settings.

If you really want to do it all in Musescore, you can insert a vertical frame above the title frame by selecting the title and going to Add>Frame. Then you can add a page break to that new frame and add the text there. That frame will also appear on all the parts of course, but in the parts you can hide it by setting its height to zero in the inspector and making its contents invisible in the usual way by selecting it and using keyboard shortcut V. But Musescore is not a very good text editor and I think my first suggestion will be easier and give you more scope for getting nice formatting.

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