Customizable falls

• Jan 30, 2023 - 15:23

I need the fall line to be thicker.
I also need to write falls like that :

Basically I need a way to customize them , just like glissandi .

Is there a way to do that ?

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Currently the thickness of falls cannot be customized. But if you do want the wiggly line falls for whatever reason, you can find that on the Sytmbols section of View / Master palette. Note that this doesn't actually mean anything different from a standard fall; it's just an affectation used by some editors.

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Thanks a lot for the answer, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate this !
- About thickness of the falls : too bad. But the falls in the master palette are much nicer
- About wiggly line : for me , straight ant wiggly falls do mean something different. I frequently come across charts (big band, mostly) where both are used, and they are mean to be played differently. Most noticeably, trombone play straight long falls using the slide only, while they play wiggly falls making some kind of trill with the lips, in addition to the slide falling.
- I would also love a fall the is wiggly AND curves down.

If falls could be customized the same way glissandos are, it would be perfect.

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Feel free to submit a suggestion for that on GitHub.

BTW, although you personally might choose to play the fall differently for straight line versus curved versus squiggly, you can't depend on anyone else to use the same method. To most people these truly are interchangeable. So if you write two different symbols expecting two different results, you'll need to write in an explicit text instruction information people of your own notation style, since it is not at all standard.

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A thicker, wiggly fall, in case of a really long fall, is more appropriate IMHO. The guy sight reading at the gig can't miss it.
I used a workaround : a glissando to an invisible note. It looks better than the fixed length wiggly fall in the master palette.
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