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• Jan 30, 2023 - 14:31

I'm using Musescore 3 and I will continue to do so while the possibility of openning multiple scores projects in tabs doesn't come back. I think this is a fundamental feature. Taking a look in the issues #12647, #13777, #12647 and #11340 I discovered that there is the possibility of this being fixed in the future, unfortunately not in the near future.

When Musescore 4 offered me to convert my scores to its format, for some reason I thought there was a way back. The softwares I use introduced new formats or offered the option to save the work in formats compatible with older versions when there was need to modify the structure in which the files are saved. Now I can't use Musescore 4 nor I can convert the score back to Musescore 3. This backward compatibility problem would not be such a pain if I could copy voices or parts of the score in a Musescore 4 instance and paste it in a Musescore 3 window, but now I understand this is not possible. So I'm writting them again note by note.

I think it would be nice if the user had the choice to choose between Musescore 3 and 4 in the moment of saving.

I was going to create an issue in github for this, but I received the message:

This issue tracker is used only for tracking development events. If you want to create bug reports or feature requests, please go to the forums or the issue tracker on

I wonder if I should create a issue for this on github, and where. When creating an issue, I'm asked to choose between [MU4] Development issue, [MU4] Development task and Muse Hub issue, or even a blank issue.


I guess #12647, #13777, #12647 and #11340 are GitHub issues?

MuseScore never was down rev compatible, so Mu1 can't read Mu2 scores, that can't read Mu3 file and that can't read Mu4 files, this this concept isn't new, not to MuseScore anyway. And this isn't going to change, so spare yourself the time to request that.
The way down is via MusicXML.

And never ever overwrite your Mu3 scores with a Mu4 version, make a copy of it instead

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Good advice on not overwriting Mu3 scores. It would have made sense to give the Mu4 files an extension of .msc4 so that we could open each file type with the appropriate version of MuseScore, and would never accidentally overwrite an older version score. I tried renaming an Mu3 file to type .msc3, and an Mu4 file to .msc4, and both versions rejected the file on the basis of the extension name when I tried to open them.

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Using different extensions to remove the possible confusion and overwrite of files between main Musescore versions was a hot topic when Musescore 3 was introduced. I was (and still is) a high supporter of that, like some other ones, but without success

I was thinking of a checkbox saying ("Save to MuseScore 3 format"") in the save wizard on MuseScore 4. It would no be difficult to implement as it has already been implemented. But it seems that this is not an option.
I'm rewriting my scores in MuseScore 3, I like to have all my scores open at the same time without the need of pressing "Alt + Tab". Unfortunately, there was a problem with the zoom (Ctrl + Scrollwheel) on linux: #324840. This problem affects MuseScore 3 on linux and was to be fixed on MuseScore 4 launch. I thought this problem to be manageable anyway.
I'm happy with Musescore 3, it suits my needs and will hold on until the developers manage to fix the multi-project one-window problem. As far as I understood, support to VST doesn't prevent the opening of multiple projects under the same window, It just requires rewriting of significant part of the code.

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