Converting Finale NotePad (.mus) files into .mscz of PDF

• Jan 30, 2023 - 10:19

I have loads of files created with Finale NotePad. Some of them I transcribed into MuseScore years ago but others I didn't before my old MacBook broke down about a year ago.
The new one runs with 64 bit and therefore, I can't run NotePad anymore to create .xml files and transcribe them to MuseScore.

Is there any way of opening the old files and transcribe them other than somehow getting my old laptop to work again for a lot of money?

Thanks a lot!


Finale Notepad doesn't run on a 64-bit Operating System (Windows?) anymore?
As far as I know 32-bit programs run on 64-bit Windoes just fine.
Some antediluvian 16-bit programs though indeed won't...

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But on my 64 bit MacBooks it always says I need Java 6 and this then can't be downloaded as I already have a newer version of Java on my MacBook.
Klemm Music state on their website that the Java versions should run both on the same device but the link to Apple Support they're providing doesn't work.

So, I guess unless Klem Music gets back to my email, there is no solution...

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