chord symbols (in 4.0)

• Jan 30, 2023 - 09:09

How do I avoid that chords from the chord symbols appear when I export into a MIDI file? I only want the voice in the MIDI file, not the chords?
Is it possible to erase/remove all chord symbols with one command?


Select one chord symbol
Right-click (on MacOS Command-click) and choose Select>Similar
Press Delete

Alternately, to select all chords symbols you can click the first chord symbol and shift-click the last one.


P.S. Nice if there was an export filter, but the approach described above is reasonably quick and simple.

In reply to by>> Thank you very much, you are brilliant!

Well, I've been around the block with MuseScore for a couple of years.>> How did know that? Not easy to detect!

Are you referring to the right-click method or the extended selection (Shift shift-click) method?

The extended selection is rather common fare among apps, but ya hafta try and see if it applies. I guess MuseScore keeps lists of objects "isolated" in a list or stack, thus there are lots of type objects that will select sequentially along the score. It works with other types of objects like lyrics too.


In reply to by>> *PS: Is there a way to retrieve the chord symbols once they are deleted or a way just to hide them (they are still there, but not seen)."

Yes, after you export simply Undo immediately. But I think there's a better overall solution below.

You can hide chord symbols. Select as described, then press v to toggle invisibility, which turns them gray. To completely eliminate them from view, Toggle visibility of hidden objects. In MuseScore 4 its the Properties>Show>Invisible = closed eye. In MuseScore 3 set View>Show Invisible to unchecked.

But bear in mind invisible will still export.

* Don't know why I didn't initially think of this. Perhaps these are simpler solutions?

Uncheck Play In MuseScore 3:

• Select all chords symbols
• In MuseScore 3: Uncheck Play in the Inspector.
• Then export.

Result chord symbols don't sound. Anything not playing won't export to MIDI.
If you want to hear chords again, Undo, or check Play.

Not sure if there's a parallel approach in MuseScore 4 ... but see the mixer option below.

Mute the harmony/chord Mixer channel:

In MuseScore 3:

• You can can simply mute the Harmony Mixer subchannel (it controls the volume, pan, mute, solo, and effects for the parent track's chord playback.
• Then export

In MuseScore 4:

After adding one or more chords to a part MuseScore adds a Mixer track named Chords."yourPart"
Mute that track
Then export

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