Re-pitching Bugs

• Jan 30, 2023 - 05:00

A couple of items about "re-pitch existing notes" (most are bugs, the first is a feature request):

  1. It would be great if shift-cmd-I toggled you in and out of the mode so you could easily switch back to default as needed.
  2. When I click on a note/beat and enter re-pitch mode, the first note change I make with my MIDI keyboard is often ignored or just stacked onto the existing pitches, rather than changing them. This is inconsistent behavior and it doesn't always happen (so can't always reproduce).
  3. Sometimes the marcato or accent symbol gets "stuck" in the on position after re-pitching a note that had the articulation applied, resulting in all subsequent pitch changes getting the added marcato. This is a pain if you're not looking at the screen and just playing new pitches in quickly.
  4. Re-pitching tied notes works fine if it's a single note. If it's a chord (or if you have 2 pitches as in a single violin part with first and second chair), it doesn't work properly. It applies the re-pitched note to the next tied note and it deletes the tie.

I can provide a sample file if needed, but these are pretty obvious bugs that I've seen in 3 different scores I'm working on.


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