Selecting any element in a staff (except notehead) spikes CPU, crashing if done multiple times for new MuseScore files

• Jan 30, 2023 - 01:29
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The task manager shows that every time I select any element that's not a notehead (i.e., stem, staff itself, etc.), my CPU levels spike past 100%. I select these elements very frequently during my work (i.e., composing, editing, playback). Selecting them after one another too quickly crashes my program.

1. Select staff multiple times (around 20 in quick succession)
2. Start playback
4. Stop playback
3. Crash & application automatically closes

Attached is the file in question. This only applied to this file which was created on MuseScore 4. I do not have this issue when I'm importing files from MuseScore 3 or earlier.

For reference, here are my specs:
Windows 10 64-bit processor
Intel i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20 GHz
Intel UHD Graphics 630
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

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I cannot reproduce a crash. Can you be more precise about the steps? In particular, what do you mean by "select staff"? Which staff, and how are you selecting it? Click the instrument name in the instruments panel, click a measure in the score, select the first measure then hit Ctrl+Shift+End, or maybe something else?

OK, you seem to be selecting an empty measure by clicking within it. Which measure, specifically? Again, I'm not experiencing any sort of problem just kind of randomly clicking around.

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It doesn't matter which measure I click. Every measure I click, no matter whether it's empty or not, will lead to this issue. I was clicking at different measures yesterday, and it led to the same results. It only seems to trigger if I click on any part of the measure except for the notehead itself.

My guess is that this issue is related to how the software operates with my computer build. But I'm no expert in programming. All I can give you is my observations and the video recording I sent to you. If it helps, I can record another video where I click other measures in the score.

I would be more than happy to provide you with that information. To answer your latest reply, everything on MuseScore is under default settings. No VSTs are installed. The only factor is that my audio playback is coming out of an external monitor connect to my laptop via a USB-C hub. I am using a Dell XPS 15 running on WIndows 10 Enterprise (not Home).

Let me know what other information you need.