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• Jan 28, 2023 - 23:33

I may be misinterpeting the use of a Coda, but I could use some help. I have read several posts for Coda not working and can not find what is going wrong in my piece. I could not see the "Inspector" in MS4 so I added some staff text next to the Coda elements to help me understand where to go. It plays correctly from the beginning, past the sign at measure 25, past the Coda sign at measure 39 the 1st time through, to the D.S. Al Coda at measure 59, back to the sign at measure 25. When it gets to the Coda at measure 39 the second time through it continues to play measure 40 and does not skip to the Coda at measure 60. Can you help? Thanks

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You've used the wrong marker sign in m. 39.
It is the marker type 'coda' which is a jump target.
It should be the marker type 'To coda' which is a jump instruction.
As I do not use MS4, I'm not sure which types of jump instructions are included there in the 'repeats & jumps' palette. In 3.6.2 there is a 'to Coda' available.
Some of those three variants I've created by myself, but at least one of them should be available in MS4 too:

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I have downloaded the 'Lamb of God MS4.mscz' file. Playback works as described - running through the marker sign. After I make the recommended correction (replace the Coda symbol with 'To Coda'), playback works as intended.
I have an identical playback problem with my attached file. But after different attempts to make it work,
playback still goes right through the To Coda instead of jumping to the coda symbol.
Looking in File > Project Properties, the MuseScore version and revision of the two .mscz files are the same.
I get the feeling there is some subtly of playback (an option, perhaps?) that I am not aware of.
Thanks for giving this your attention!

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I'm Shipping Up To Boston.mscz 40.03 KB

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Oops. It does work. I was just too impatient to let playback takes its course: I clicked ahead several measures (I'm Shipping Up To Boston) to hurry up playback. Doing that apparently resets the jump sequence and must run again to D.S. Al Coda, etc.
Thanks for listening!

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