regualr time in measure

• Jan 27, 2023 - 19:44

I have been trying for an hour to get this measure to work out as 8 beats in 2/4 time. It will not do it. I get one E aaaaaaand a two aaaaaa . I've played with rests and voices and nothing works. I've included the measure in question.
Also I just found out that MuseScore 4 is saving everything to version 3. What's up there?

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Possibly you are using the wrong words in your question.

The time signature "2/4" means, by definition, that there are two beats in each measure, one on each quarter note. If you want 8 beats in the same time, you need to have a "8/16" time signature.

On the other hand, if you just need to add 8 consecutive notes in a 2/4 measure, you need to add them as sixteenth notes.

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2/4 is the correct time but you're right. There are eight 1/16 notes per measure that way. Joplin wrote that way for a lot of his pieces to get that bounce feel I suspect. It make it a little more of a challenge to transcribe for guitar but it's all basically 4/4. You just use 1/8 notes instead of 1/4. I'm slowly getting a lasso around this stuff. I don't know why things work but I'm beating elements into submission. Thanks for your suggestions.

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