MS4 - highlights, comments etc

• Jan 27, 2023 - 11:58

Is there any way to add highlights, markers or comments to sheets in MS4?

If not, please add a simple kinda-overlay to the sheet where one can put custom notes, comments, marks etc. Just for the view in the app, doesnt have to be anything special. Like a second layer in the ui which one can toggle on-off and put text in or freehand drawings.

Reason I'm asking is, while composing with bigger sheets I miss the possibility to circle something I want to come back to later and have a hard time finding this particular position or just where I stopped.
On paper I would use a color-pencil or highlighter to find those spots I intend to work on, or to circle a part I'm not yet satisfied with and so on.


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To add a highlight, create a line, change its thickness, colour and transparency to suit. You can then place this over sections of the score you want highlighted. Unfortunately, the transparency setting didn't get incorporated in version 4. Hopefully it will make it into the next update.

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Thanks again, I appreciate your effort and the workarounds. But as said before, I'm hoping for a real solution - something that simple like a (colored) pencil-tool or brush-tool (with an eraser ofc, to remove it again) or whatever paint introduced 30 years ago.
MS4 is such a great app, it would be a shame if "we" wouldnt make it perfect.

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