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• Jan 26, 2023 - 20:12

Is Ther a way to number the bars?


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Ubuntu 22.04.01 MuseScore 4
I went to Format->Style->Measure Numbers and set the options exactly as shown in 23012601.png.
Measure Numbers never appeared.
Reloaded MuseScore 3 to add measure numbers but the file created in 4 is not readable in version 3.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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That "long line" is a multibar rest. Keyboard shortcut M toggles their display between expanded, showing the individual bars, and compacted, showing the "long line". Breaks in the compacted view are automatically created at musically significant points, including double bars, mey changes, time signature changes and rehearsal marks. It is best to show the empty bars in expanded mode until you have entered all the music. You can then easily insert new empty bars where needed and they will automatically be incorporated together with adjacent empty bars to form a longer multibar rest. By longer I mean the associated number will be greater.

For more detail see

Note that there is a bug in Musescore version 4.0.1 that may cause the numbers associated with multibar rests to display incorrectly. This will be fixed in the next release.

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You are a very clever man. Thank you so much for saving me time. I
in my next score both tone fra C major to E major changes and the tempo from 4/4 til 2/4 in the middle of the score. Tell what to look for in the manual online,. or spens more time on me. I am 83 years old and have used musescore more years ago. so my memory is not the same, and has probable never been

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a new problem. I have found out how to change the tone from C to d but in the score here I must change from A major to F. It is written so that I must have 3 dissolving signs I do not know in english, and also a b. How do I put that B together with the four crosses

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If you have a new problem it is better to start a new thread with a new title so that a) users who understand your problem can immediately see that they can help and b) other users who have the same problem can also find an answer that you are given.

I think you are asking about "cancelling" accidentals. There are a number of different conventions for these. You can select which convention to use in Format>Style>Accidentals


Also see here

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