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• Jan 26, 2023 - 15:45

Can anyone give me a step-by-step procedure for getting an excerpt directly from a MuseScore document using MuseScore 4 which I can insert into a Word document as a musical example?

I was able to do this in prior versions, but how to do it now is not clear.



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In MuseScore 3.6 there was a button that looked like a camera which, when pressed, gave a selection box that could be positioned around a few measures of score, enabling one to copy that span and then paste it directly into a Word document as an illustration. Clicking that icon also placed a check next to the "image Capture" menu item under "Tools" in 3.6. Neither the camera button or the "Image Capture" menu item seems to have been incorporated within 4.0. It appears that the only way to accomplish this effect now is to create a separate .pdf of a score, open it in Mac's Preview (or equivalent), and then copy a selection within that separate .pdf using "Rectangular Section" under Preview's "Tools".

Not sure if there's any way to create a separate graphics file, like a TIFF, JPEG, or PNG, from within a MuseScore file...

MS doesn't do this yet. Look for an image capture program suitable for your OS. In ubunutu 22.04, for instance, you press the Print Screen button and can then frame what you want to copy or export. In Windows, you can also use that button but likely need a third-party program to select and crop the region of interest. On a Macc? - i don't know but Google might.

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