I'm trying to recompose my music that hasn't been published yet

• Jan 26, 2023 - 15:13


I performed the melody of this music in 2010 at a mic night at the Armidale Club along with some backing from my keyboard and received some positive feedback from the audience. I'm happy with this piece and never got around to recording it and I am still waiting to have it published for approval. Could somebody please help me to compose it correctly using the original sheet music that I composed using Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 that I no longer have access to? Please refer to the sheet music below.


When I decided to create an arrangement of Gustave Colin's ragtime-era composition "Little Gadabout", I was fortunate to have the music for parts oboe, clarinet, violin and 'cello. I TRANSCRIBED those into MS3 in a score that eventually got expanded with additional instruments.

You have the existing music notation, albeit really faint. With a good graphic viewer program, you could TRANSCRIBE what you have into MuseScore - either version. If you're asking for somebody to do this FOR YOU, perhaps there is a giving soul who will accommodate you. If you're willing to pay somebody, you may get quicker responses.

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