MS4 has problem with Audio setting and more …

• Jan 26, 2023 - 14:29

MS4 has problem with Audio setting, the only audio out that I can set are:
1- internal audio (mac speaker)
2- LG 43" HDR 4k screen

If I set:
1- Built-in Digital output
2- Built-in line output
3- or my audio interface

It doesn't work, there's no sound

On top of that, if I set LG 43" HDR 4k, next day on next MS4 relaunch, the previous setting is forgotten and MS4 doesn't play. With MS3 it's all fine.

My Setup:
MacPro3.3Ghz 12Cores/96gig RAM/MacOs 10.15.7/DP11.xx/VEP7

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