changing font size of lyrics

• Jan 25, 2023 - 22:03

Can't seem to make this happen in MUs4
also page looks weird - very small words along the top


It does work in MS4:
1. Enter lyrics (with Ctrl+L).
2. Select a lyric syllable.
3. In Properties, look for the Text section and adjust the Size property (e.g. 12pt or 14pt) .
4. Click the "3 dots" menu for the Size property.
4. Choose "Set as default style for this score".

But there is a bug! Although there is a Reset button, it is disabled after you have chosen the "Set as default style for this score". There doesn't seem to be any way back... no Undo that I can find (except repeated Ctrl+Z).

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"Reset" is meant to reset the value for the selected element to the default for the score. So if you have saved the style of the current element as the default, then the value for the current element is equal to the (new) default, so the Reset button is disabled.

You can reset the score default to the factory default by looking up the setting in Format > Style.

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