• Jan 24, 2023 - 20:20

Originally downloaded musehub but when installing it says it's installing but don't see anything to confirm this or if it's completed or where the program is located. Usually installing any app it asks where you want to save it (e.g. C: drive etc) Sono idea if it's been successfully installed or where it is as not on any list of programs in folders or uninstall windows list. But it appears when on windows search. So when click on OPEN app a few seconds of buffering and then NOTHING. This is incredibly frustrating and looked on similar problems on forums and no solution seems to work. So why doesn't install like a normal app and why can't you find it and when you can (task search bar) it doesn't open?


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One absolutely crucial hint: C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder in Windows10 (not sure abt W11)!!!
It costed me 30mins of searching with a dozen of Google lookups and a decent frustration before I tried "cd C:\ProgramData" in the cmd and, to my surprise, it worked! Guys at MuseHub -- is it a good idea to download sounds and effects into a hidden folder???

Like most other installation helper utilities, Muse Hub installs to the system tray on Windows (lower right hand corner of your screen by default).

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