MU 4.0 crash (repeatable) Re-pitching existing notes

• Jan 24, 2023 - 16:37

To recreate:
1. In Trombone 2 (staff 11), find measure 14 (7th measure on page 2)
(Note that the measure indicator in the status bar is incorrect, indicating measure 4 beat 12.5 - another bug.)
2. Select the 8th note in beat 4 (E).
3. Enter Re-pitch mode
4. Change two notes to "B"
5. -CTRL-Z to revert the last change
6. -CTRL--UP- to raise the "B" an octave.


In reply to by Aaron Grosky

You may be thinking of a different score. Measure 14 is on page one of the score you posted.
There is a problem with this score anyway. The beat and measure information in the lower left is incorrect for most any note I select. If this is wrong, what else is wrong. I'm not surprised things crash.

In reply to by bobjp

Sorry, my arithmetic sometimes gets "interesting". I meant measure 22.

Mostly, MU 4.0 is working well for me, though I have found some bugs. I have entered about 1/3 of the score so far and I've seen few problems, even with the measure numbers being a problem.

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