can't load some plugins in MuseScore 4

• Jan 24, 2023 - 07:48

In MuseScore 4/Plugins/Manage Plugins, I attempted to add Note Names and Add/Remove Courtesy Accidentals. But all I then get in Plugins menu is Composing/arranging tools/Remove Courtesy Accidentals. There is no Notes/Note Names, as I have in MuseScore 3.


Works for me. Make sure to not have a 'personal' notenames (in ~/Documents/MuseScore4/Plugins), but are using the one that comes with MuseScore
Also note that unlike in in Mu3, in Mu4 it does not use notenames as per your language settings, but only English names

I'm using whatever default came with the program, haven't personalized anything. More behavior noted today: In MuseScore 4: After selecting Home/Plugins in the left pane, the right pane of the window shows Enabled (Remove Courtesy Accidentals) and Disabled (all the rest) plugins. When I select a disabled plugin (Note Names) in the top part of the window, a panel slides up from the bottom with the name of the plugin I've selected, with buttons for "Edit Shortcut" at bottom left, "Enable" at bottom right, and "x" to close the panel at upper right. None of these 3 buttons do anything at all when I click them.

In the MuseScore main menu across the very top of my Mac's screen: "Plugins/Manage Plugins..." offers no additional options; it simply takes me to the above-described Home/Plugins pane.

I'm supposing my next step might be "re-install MuseScore 4," which I'll try after waiting a couple more days to see if anyone else can offer some insight. Is there a professional MuseScore support staff to ask, besides this user forum?

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