Move augmenation dot

• Jan 23, 2023 - 16:40

I have a situation where the augmentation dot is colliding with the stem of a note in a different voice:

I need to move it slightly to the right. I remember I could easily do this in MuseScore 3, but in MuseScore 4 I can't find the option in the inspector. Probably missing something obvious...


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I think it's not implemented in MS 4 (yet).

When you select the augmentation dot, you see "Note dot" in the Status bar at bottom left.
Then on the Properties panel select "Appearance", and you will see two Offset fields.
But although the status bar still reports the current selection as "Note dot", the offset fields instead move the notehead horizontally or vertically.

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Or move the half note slightly to the left. In both cases the stems get too close together to be visually distinct. I really need to move the dot, there's no way around that.

I ended up exporting the PDF and opening it in Inkscape as vector graphics and moving the dot. Not really a solution, but it is a commercial project I'm working on, with a deadline, so I had no choice (at least until I figure out some workaround within MuseScore).

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