Totally broken on Windows 11

• Jan 23, 2023 - 04:03

I have installed MuseScore 4 on a Windows 11 machine. It starts but as soon as a try any do anything at all it hangs and the only way to get out of it is to start Windows Task Manager and kill it.


I've done more experimentation and the problem is related to multiple monitors. I have a 3 monitor system. The number 1 monitor is my laptops screen. The number 2 monitor is a hi res Samsung monitor positioned above my laptop. the number 3 monitor is up and off to the right. When I start Musescore 4, the welcome screen displays in the middle of monitor 1. It quickly closes and the main screen appears in the middle of the number 2 monitor. If I take any action at all on the main screen while it is displayed on monitor 2 then the program hangs never to be active again. Windows task manager shows it using a very very little bit of CPU (0.1% to 0.2%).

I have let it sit in this state for 30 minutes and it remained locked.

If however, the first thing I do is to move the main screen down to monitor 1, then the program appears to function normally. This must be the first thing I do else it hangs and I can't then move the main screen.

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I use a two-monitor system on Windows 11. My number 2 monitor is also hi-res. The only problem I'm having is that MS 4.0 limits the size of the initial window to the size of monitor 1. (I can increase it once it's opened. This is in another Forum bug report.)

I'm not sure, but I may have had the same problem originally - I think it had hung. If so, I managed to get it working. In any case, once I got it working, I've not seen that problem.

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