Special characters in text

• Jan 23, 2023 - 00:23

The 4.0 handbook says to click on Insert Special Characters or Shift F2. Both crash MuseScore. Is there a workaround?

Thanks! :)


Hmm, works fine normally. Could be something unique to your particular score, perhaps having to do with the particular fonts the text elements you are editing is using, or something else. In order for someone to assist, please attach the score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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I finished the other project, but created a Test score and started a text comment.
I'm using MuseScore 4.0.
My cursor is inside the text box after "flat". I want to insert the symbol.
In Properties, I click on "Insert special characters" and MuseScore shuts down.
I reopen MuseScore with the message "The previous session quit unexpectedly."

In Palettes, the icon boxes are huge and I cannot see any icons. I've been choosing elements by the written description, not by seeing an icon. Maybe the two problems are related....

Thanks, Marc. You're the BEST! <3

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Test for special character.mscz 14.1 KB

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I don't see any crash or other issue with this file; Special Characters works as expected.

But, the fact that you are also seeing a problem with the standard palette does indicate some sort of installation problem on your system. Have you tried Help / Revert to factory settings? if that doesn't help, then it could have to do with how your OS is scaling things for your display setup. More info on your OS, your display, and your scaling settings would help us understand and assist. Posting a screenshot might help too.

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