To Coda in firtst ending

• Jan 22, 2023 - 23:35

If I place a To Coda in a first ending it apparently does not work during playback. Is it so, or am i doing something wrong?
If I place it in the bar before first ending and insert the content of first ending at the Coda start it works as expected, but I do not think this is according to notation standards.

The problem is seen with version 3.6.2 (and before) and also in the latest 4.0.1

Looking forward to a solution. Thank you in advance.


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Thank you for your quick answer!
So, the notation used in "does.mscz" is the correct Musescore way to do it if you want the playback to work?
On the other hand, don't you think that the notation used in "dont.mscz" would be preferred by most musicians when used for printet sheets?

Looking forward to your comments.

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A musician looking at the notation in "dont.mscz" would wonder how to ever get to the coda as they would not expect to play volta 1 after doing the DC. And if you specified "play repeats on DC" they would wonder how they would play the repeat as after taking the DC the are directed in volta 1 to go to coda the before they get a chance to play the repeat.

The notation in "does.mscz" is what a musician would expect to see and will have seen numerous times before. And that is why it works and the other version doesn't work in Musescore as Musescore reads music as a musician would.

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Sorry for my late reply!
Thank you SteveBlower, I accept that this is the correct notation in Musescore and the way musicians would read it.

One final question (i hope :) What is the correct notation for the "DC al Fine" used in my example "fine.mscz"?
Could you please add a "fixed_fine.mscz". Thank you in advance.

I have tried to find examples but unfortunately I did not find anything similar.

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