Bug when adding measures at the beginning.

• Jan 22, 2023 - 21:44

In both 3.6 and 4.0:
I created a score in 3.6, then decided to add an intro, so I inserted 8 measure before the first measure. The result was that measure 9 had clefs and key signatures. Without saving, I then opened the opened the score in 4.0 and inserted the 8 measures with the same result. I've attached the 4.1 version of that file.

I would guess that the initial clef and key signature are associated with measure 1 instead of with the score. If so, the simple solution would be to move, rather than copy, those from the original to the newly-inserted first measure.

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I've seen this too, but so far have been too lazy to report it...

Edit: and now it doesn't happen anymore, not in 3.6.2 at least
And not in 4.0.1 either.

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"Huh?" - I agree. My requests just sat there. I didn't even get as much as an acknowledgement that the request was being processed or had failed.

I have 50 years experience mostly using C, C++ and shells - Korn, Bourne (again (bash) or not (Unix sh)), and predecessors - but I've never use GitHub. Marc pointed me at some documentation and I though I had followed the steps.

In any case, I've switched to the nightly build so that should stop me from reporting bugs that somebody has already fixed. My working with big band scores uses some parts of MU that appear not as well tested.

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aige02 (https://github.com/aige02)
GitHib's display of my profile (overview) lists that I have 1 repository: https-github.com-musescore-MuseScore

On my last project, I used git from LINUX. I currently use MU from Windows because I use the GoogleDrive for my MSCZ files.

Since I started this comment, I installed the GitHub Desktop and did the tutorial. I now have 2 repositories.

I think I know how to clone the repository. About how much disk do I need for this? I have several gigs available in my "business account" GoogleDrive and I'd like to have my work backed up.
On the last project I where I had worked, the git repository was structured - the main repository had numerous nodes on which other repositories could be loaded. Each one represented a part of the project, though some were common to most of the others.

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That should be easy enough to correct once I've made and tested changes. First I have to understand enough to see what changes when measures are added (inserted or appended at a measure), how to recognize the first measure, etc., and lots more. In my last job, I used more than one method to move changes from one clone to another.

FWIW, When I add measures to the beginning of a score, The key signature stays at the start, not at the measure before the new measures. In both versions. Sure the clefs have to be deleted.

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In MU 4.0.1, I thought when I inserted 8 measures to a score imported from 3.6 (as described in the original post), I got both clefs on every staff and a key signature. However, looking at the original of the attached score, I only see the tempo marking at the original first measure - neither extra clefs nor extra key signatures.

I just inserted a measure using 4.0.2-nightly to one score and I got clefs on only 2 of 17 instruments and no key signature. I inserted a measure to original of the attached score and got extra clefs on all staves. In any case, not having the key signature is a significant improvement.

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