New Muse Sounds - sound terrible

• Jan 22, 2023 - 17:58

Maybe I'm missing a setting or something, but the new Muse sounds are terrible on my computer. They lag and crackle and just sound terrible. I've reverted to MS Basic, but there are then no choices other than Piano for chord symbols.


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I don't have the issue either, but apparently others have indeed performed these experiments and found that it is not about how much of the score need to be drawn. That was the same guess I had at first when I heard about this workaround, FWIW. It turns out the truth as uncovered by one of the develoeprs is far more complex - something with how multiple cores of a CPU are allocated and how the multithreading works, where somehow allocated one core to the mixer updated gets rid of some condition where threads were otherwise not synchronizing right. Some sort of mumbo-jumbo like that, anyhow.

I have another strange occurrence with Musesounds: I am working on a piece for marching band at the moment and a) Snare Drum is not outputting a single notem not even withe volume at maxumum and b) All the Percussion section has for Cymbals is a Suspended Cymbal, which just goes on ringing. Surely, for Braas Bands, Marching Bands and even Orchestras, you neeed more than that?

Is there anu solution for issue a and could issue b be addressed asap, please?

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Yes. It seems that there are no MuseSounds for the instruments yo want. Use Basic sounds instead. Use All Instruments instead of Common Instruments to set up your score. Basic sounds will be loaded for instruments that don't have a counterpart in MuseSounds.

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Hmm, it is not clear what is going wrong then. If you attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce them (also show a screenshot so we can see what you are seeing in the Mixer while selecting sounds), we can understand and assist better. But to be clear, Muse Percussion should be showing all of the following:

Screenshot 2023-01-25 8.55.06 AM.png

That's not even all of them, there are too many for my display to show all at once, so you have to scroll the list to see the rest.

And those sounds should all work wonderfully assuming you are using them within a compatible instrument (eg, setting a flute staff to play the crash cymbals (Piatti) won't necessarily do anything reasonable.

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The screenshot demonstrates that you are not in fact limited to just snare drum and suspended cymbal, so apparently the reinstall fixed that much? As you can see, literally dozens of percussion instruments are available, including a variety of drums, cymbals, and other miscellaneous pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Pretty much everything commonly encountered in orchestral music, plus a number of much more obscure choices.

As for the score, it's not clear how you created that snare drum staff, but it doens't seem correct. The standard concert snare drum instrument uses a one-line staff. Did you add something else than try to alter it somehow? Maybe you tried using the marching instrument? Those are designed to work with particular soundfonts only. Muse Sounds doens't yet support marching percussion sounds, but that's been announced as coming soon.

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Indeed, Muse Sounds is not currently for marching band, and in particular, the percussion is optimize for orchestra.

But I'm still confused by your statement about not having anything more than snare or suspended cymbal. Your screenshot clearly shows dozens of instruments. Look over that list again - this really is pretty much everything normally encountered in orchestral music. It's not clear what specifically you are finding missing?

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Oh, sorry Marc,
That is probably a matter of crossed wires because I didn't explain it properly.
When I said "I only have a Snare Drum and a Suspended Cymbal" or something similar, I did not mean that was all I had in my list, I meant I only had the Suspended Cymbal, no Crash or Splash Cymbal or anything else, and no different kind of Snare Drum. I was not referring to any other Percussion Instruments, I have loads of those in my list.
Hope that clears up any confusion.
Thank you again.

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Piatti is the orchestra name for what you are referring to a "crash" cymbal. And splash cymbal is more a drumset set thing than nan orchestra thing, but it's basically just a hit on a suspended cymbal, so also possible already. Similarly, as far as orchestral music is concerned, there really aren't multiple types of snare drums in common use. As noted, marching band music certainly uses a wider range, so I'd expect those additional sounds to come with that set when it is released.

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