is it possible to have linked treble and bass staves?

• Jan 22, 2023 - 16:57

This question is so niche and doesn't really matter in most environments. I'm mostly just wondering if this is an option, as I'm still pretty new and visualizing and identifying notes on ledger lines is still pretty hard for me.

Is it possible to have one staff with a treble clef that is linked to one with a bass clef? That way that when the staff with the treble clef has a note on it, that note is also displayed on a staff with a bass clef (and updates accordingly if moved)? I don't really expect this to be a feature if it's not already, and was more so just wondering if it's possible at all.


Should be possible, but does it make sense? Lots of ledger lines are to be expected in one or the other.

More sensible would be a treble clef ottava bassa and a bass clef.
Might be a nice teaching device

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It isn't so much as me trying to avoid ledger lines altogether (after all, some instruments have really huge ranges!). I was just wondering as it would temporarily help me visualize the written range of an instrument while composing, just for the time being.

Would you happen to know how it'd be possible? I haven't had much luck; changing one clef always seems to change the other of a linked staff.

I don't think this is possible.
But, you have options. Create a score with a treble and bass instruments. You could do it with piano, but you need extra space. Enter note into one staff. Then copy and paste them into the other staff. Select a note of interest and its name and octave with be shown in the lower left.

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