MS4: Pasting lyrics copied from a text file does not work

• Jan 21, 2023 - 20:23

Pasting lyrics copied from a text file does not work beyond pasting the first syllable. Steps to reproduce:
1. Have a Musescore file with some notes (but no text) available
2. Type a few single-syllable words (separated by spaces) in a text file
3. Copy the words from the text file
4. In Musescore, select the first note and then go into add lyrics mode (Add -> Text -> lyrics, or command-L on mac or ctrl-L windows)
5. Do several pastes (via menu or shortcut). What should happen (Musescore 3 and previous) is with each paste, a successive syllable of text is pasted under successive motes. What does happen is the first syllable is pasted repeatedly under the first note.
6. Note also -- multi-syllable words separated by hyphens should behave similarly, but with hyphens inserted between syllables under successive notes. Actual behavior is Musescore never gets beyond first syllable. Worked fine in Musescore 3.
7. Aside: Copying/pasting underscores should work the same as hyphens. But this never worked properly in Musescore 3 either.


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